Day 30 📷 Privacy - I wanted a little, but my cat had other ideas.

Day 29 📷 Light - the RGB backlights of my newest keyboard.

Day 28 📷 Up - looked up one morning a couple of weeks ago to this pink sky.

Day 27 📷 Pompasetting - showing off my cooking knives.

Day 26 📷 Favourite - the Cuban sandwich is my favorite sandwich. As a Tampa kid, I have “opinions” on how a Cuban sandwich should be made.

Day 25 📷 Code - Some of the keyboards I use to write the code for my job.

Day 24 📷 Baby - when my cat was a baby boy.

Day 23 📷 Banana - always keep an emergency banana in the freezer.

Day 22 📷 Spell - all I need is a good spell to go with this black cat.

Day 21 📷 Colors - love the bright colors of these tiny flowers.

Day 20 📷 Weather - Nothing like what the rest of the city try is dealing with, but here is Florida it’s a cold morning.

Day 19 📷 Alive - these seahorses look like swimming plants.

Day 18 📷 At Home - Home is where I do my baking.

Day 17 📷 Still - one of the only times my old ferret stayed still long enough for a photo.

Day 16 📷 Erudite - sitting here at the doctor office hoping my new doctor is sufficiently erudite.

Day 15 📷 Reflection - going through photos and finding old sidewalk art from the first lockdown almost a year ago.

Day 14 📷 Compassion - frogs and lizards and spiders get into the house and make sure to take them back outside before my cat gets to them.

Day 13 📷 Make - making a Raspberry Pi server (and a mess trying to fix a keyboard).

Day 12 📷 A sporg of Madelines.

That was one of the roughest nights I’ve had in a long time. Got my second COVID vaccine shot Wednesday and just went through about 18 hours of a strong fever.

So dang worth it though for the vaccine.

Day 11 📷 Machine - my friend’s beast of a computer. When I first say it I thought it was a 3D printer.

Day 10 📷 Energy - The power plant at the hospital I work at. Enough power to keep the whole hospital up in case the civil grid goes down.

Day 9 📷 Muddy - the backyard at my old house after a hurricane leaving it a swampy, muddy mess. The hurricane took down the fence around the backyard and messed up the (already old) roof.

Day 8 📷 Hope - This is my “to be played” shelf of board games. It’s been sitting there for a while and I’m hoping to be able to play these with friends “sometime”.

Day 7 📷 - Craving - I’ve been wanting boba milk tea for a while and finally got some.